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 +===== Somebody Else's Parking Lot in Sebastopol =====
 +On the second G in the D G G D progression,​ it sounds like he does a little
 +descending walk on the bass note from G->​F#​->​E and then on to the next D chord.
 +D: xx0232
 +G: 320033
 +A: x02220
 +Intro: D G G D (twice)
 +D                          G
 +Outside the opera house in Sydney
 +G                                  D
 +I saw my life come crashing to its end
 +D                        G
 +I cried out to the scale-tipper
 +G                         D
 +On whom all living things depend
 +D                         ​G ​   ​
 +Sweet strains of Giuseppe Verdi
 +G                    D
 +Suffused the evening air
 +D                                           G
 +I wished, I wished, I wished that god would kill me
 +G                              A
 +Instead of leaving me alone to see you standing there
 +G         A
 +Before me
 +                           ​D ​ G
 +That sad look on your face
 +You took me to so many places I never thought I'd go
 +A            D            G G D D G G D
 +That was the worst place
 +D                       G
 +Yeah we did our manners proud
 +G                        D
 +On the night we said goodbye
 +D                             G
 +No big scene out there on the sidewalk
 +G                                    A
 +As we pinpointed the place where all good things go to die
 +D                                G
 +I know you hate it when I get my headaches
 +G                           D
 +Well, I've got a real gem tonight
 +D                         G
 +Listening to Katia Ricciarelli
 +G                      A
 +It's not going to be alright
 +G                                                    A
 +And I'd like to think that this will pass, this will pass
 +D                   G
 +I know it's not the case
 +Of all the highs and lows and middle-ends you've brought me to
 +A           ​D ​          G G D D G G D D G G D D G G D
 +This is the worst place
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