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 =====Song for an Old Friend===== =====Song for an Old Friend=====
 +<​code>​This is how he plays it in this video: http://​​watch?​v=IF5e25LyCUA
 +-Chords Used-
 +D:    xx0232
 +A:    x02220
 +Em7:  022030
 +Em6:  022020
 +G:    320033
 +G2:   ​320003
 +D Dsus2 D Dsus2 Asus4 A Em7 Em6 G G2 G G2 x2. 
 +D                              Asus4            A
 +the garter snake passed lazily through the tall yellow-headed sourgrass
 +Em7             ​Em6 ​             G
 +there was cold, clear water in a tall, clean glass
 +the sunlight hit the sides and it came through the water tilted
 +i saw the condensation on your hand 
 +i could feel the glaciers melting
 +D                   A
 +and a warm, soft wind
 +D                   G
 +covered up everything
 +D                         ​A ​                 D
 +on the day your love came screaming through me
 +(after the chorus pattern, play Dsus2add11 instead of Dsus2: x00030)
 +you had oranges and lemons in a canvas bag beside you
 +and seven different kinds of light welling up inside of you
 +you smeared citrus pulp all over me, it felt okay
 +good old east rutherford three thousand miles away
 +i felt the warm surge blast my mind
 +coming in from behind
 +on the day your love came screaming through me
 +in the fresh light of day
 +i felt something falling away
 +on the day your love came screaming through me</​code>​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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