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Song for Black Sabbath's Second North American Tour

Riff (repeat with the D after every couple lines or whenever):

(fast, with v^v^v^v^) 

D	       Em
Hang my hammer on a nail
G	       D
Never see it again
D		 Em
Set sail for the cosmos 
G			      Asus4
High above the world with its beaten-down men 

D		  Em
Not long for this world
G	      D
Have to be reminded
D		  Em
To stay away from windows
G	        Asus4
Not to leave important things behind 

D    G
All …gone 
G    D
All …gone 
D	 Asus4
With the dawn 

D                                   Em
And then I'm in an airplane heading west 
G        D
Over the ocean 	
D              Em
Unsteady on my feet again 
G         Asus4
A body in motion 

D               Em
So far from the slaughterhouse 
G                      D
New creatures with new hearts 
D              Em
Landing at LaGuardia 
G               Asus4
Tearing up the charts 

D    G
All …gone
G    D
All …gone 
D        Asus4
With the dawn


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