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=====Song for the Julian Calendar===== <code> D - xxx032 Dsus - xxx030 g - xxx533* gsus - xxx433* Am - xxx210* G - 320033 C - x32033 *these 3 chords really just slide right down into one another, progressively. I'm pretty sure these are the chords used, but another way to get a 'fuller' yet still 'correct' sounding sound is to just use a regular open C chord, and make the following transitions [some of you may find this easier/better sounding, what have you]; *C - x32010 > x32000 > x30210 D Dsus g [for all 4 lines] [1] sun twinkling on the river this evening i tasted chocolate on my tongue darkness climbing up the ladders to the sky rung by agonizing rung g gsus Am G [2] i heard firecrackers popping next door wondered what it is i bargained for g gsus Am G C when i lay quiet on the floor and you were knocking [1] let me be your witness let me walk out on the edge the sun refused to shine on my backyard today darkness climbing up the house coming through the window ledge [2] i saw the firecrackers bursting on the sidewalk i heard you talking your baby talk i saw the bright lights again and i felt the shock when you were knocking </code>

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