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Line 2: Line 2:
 <code> <code>
-Tabbed by FlyOnTheWall +Tabbed by FlyOnTheWall, additional help by esther dodson
- +
-So this is fairly incompletebecause I don't have the intro or that sweet riff he plays with the string instruments. Also I'm missing a chord in the second half of the verse. Feel free to edit/improve this as you see fit. +
 Chords: Chords:
 Em:  022000 Em:  022000
 Am:  002210 Am:  002210
 +G:   320003
 C:   032010 C:   032010
 C2:  335533 C2:  335533
Line 35: Line 33:
 E -----0------ E -----0------
 +THUMP Pattern
 +e -3-3x-3-3x-3-3x-3-3x-x-x-
 +B -0-0x-0-0x-0-0x-0-0x-x-x-
 +G -0-0x-0-0x-0-0x-0-0x-x-x-
 +D -0-0x-0-0x-0-0x-0-0x-x-x-
 +A -2-2x-2-2x-2-2x-2-2x-x-x-
 +E -3-3x-3-3x-3-3x-3-3x-x-x-
-Intro riff, then Em riff a few times+This is the "thump" pattern for the instrumental parts. I only tabbed it out for G but it's the same pattern for each chord.  
 +*The x just means mute the strings, but then at the end you can strum the muted strings a couples times. Again, just listen to the song to get the rhythm. 
 +Intro riff, then Em riff a few times
 Em Em
Line 56: Line 65:
 Sometimes you get some heat, sometimes it follows you around Sometimes you get some heat, sometimes it follows you around
-spiffy riffy x2+spiffy riffy x4
 e -1p0-----------------------------0---- e -1p0-----------------------------0----
 B ------1p0------------------------0---- B ------1p0------------------------0----
Line 73: Line 82:
 Twitch when the contact howls Twitch when the contact howls
-(Then listen to the song to figure out the strumming pattern here, or I'll put it in later. Anyway, the chords:)+THUMP Pattern for these chords:
 G F#m Em Em G F#m Em Em
 G F#m Em Em G F#m Em Em
Line 85: Line 94:
 Am                                   C Am                                   C
 Climbing down the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram Climbing down the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
-                         C2+  Bm                        C2
 I drop from the top of my tall steel cage I drop from the top of my tall steel cage
 Am                   Em Am                   Em
 Drop to the concrete floor Drop to the concrete floor
-(Same strumming pattern as before) +Thump time again 
-G F#m Em Em +G F#m Em 
-G A2 Em Em+ 
 +spiffy riffy x1 
 +e -1p0-----------------------------0---- 
 +B ------1p0------------------------0---- 
 +G ----------0h1p0------------------0---- 
 +D ------------------1p0------------2---- 
 +A -----------------------1p0-------2---- 
 +E -----------------------------0---0---- 
 +G A2 Em 
 +spiffy riffy x1, end on Em 
 +e -1p0-----------------------------0---- 
 +B ------1p0------------------------0---- 
 +G ----------0h1p0------------------0---- 
 +D ------------------1p0------------2---- 
 +A -----------------------1p0-------2---- 
 +E -----------------------------0---0----
-spiffy riffy x2, end on Em 
-e ---------------------------0--0---- 
-B ----------------------1p0-----2---- 
-G -----------------1p0----------2---- 
-D ----------0h1p0---------------0---- 
-A ------1p0---------------------0---- 
-E -1p0--------------------------0---- 
 </code> </code>
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