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The below tab has a mistake: The “mouth full of anger” line should go B-D#m-E-B, not B-F#-E-B. I am also very unsure of the correct octaves to put things in… — Josh H. 2009/05/03 03:04

Standard Bitter Love Song #8
from the Mountain Goats album: Taking The Dative (or Ghana)
written by John Darnielle
tab by Russ Sweetser (

EDIT:  The guy who originally posted this made a few mistakes.
Here's the corrected version.  - somerandomguy

B:      7 9 9 8 7 7
E:      X 7 9 9 9 7
A:      5 7 7 6 5 5
F#1:    2 4 4 3 2 2
F#2:    X 9 11 11 11 9
(Note the two different F#'s used, one an octave higher than the other.)

B - B

B                    A     F#1          B
I went down to Lloyd Center looking for you.
B                   F#1  E           B
but a mouth full of anger blocked my view.
B            F#2  B                    E
he took your hand there in the skating rink.
B        F#2      E        B
god will give him blood to drink.

B                  A
saw the two of you leaving.
  F#1                     B
I didn't want to follow behind.
B                   F#1
but I could see the rest of your evening,
E             B
burning in my mind.
B         F#2        B      E
the sky's black. the moon's pink.
B        F#2      E        B
god will give him blood to drink.

B A F#1 B
I looked over the railing. ice was white
B F#1
on the northeast side where I saw you and your boyfriend
on a friday night.
B F#2 B E
I went mining for gold. I struck pure, fresh zinc.
B F#2 E B
god, god will give him blood to drink.
B A F#1 B
hey, hey, hey.
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