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Stars Around Her

Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (

D G A (x2)

D                  G      A
i saw the darkness coming down, 
D                      G    A 
it posed no threat to me
D                  G            A
i let the dakrness ease its way around
it was every good thing 
G                   A
i'd expected it would be
i saw you coming, 
through the twisting vines outside
G            D
i saw the new moon collide 
with the stars 
A                D
clustered around her.

D   G   A (repeat chord structure from first verse)

i saw the young fruit, on the new lime
i felt your breath catch it's rhythm.
i heard your legs push away the tall dry brush
i saw the moon and the stars 
and knew the secrets within them.
i heard you saying 
my name into my ear
no one has to tell me 
why you've come here,
'cause i know.
i know.
i know.
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