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The Extra Glenns - Sure

Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (

It's a really simple song that calls for alot of repetition.


//fiddle around a bit more and begin strumming//

Dsus2 D A
//listen to the song, and you'll hear that it's basically played like that 
throughout the entire song, the A is played for about as long as Dsus and D
are collectively played. This can get kinda boring...but it's a nice song. :)//

let the sails catch the wind.
let them grow fat and full.
set out the trawl to catch the animals that look like aliens.
the wooden floorboards let out a full and satisfying sound when you rap your fists against them?
let the sun become hollow.
let the heat from it wash down madly.
and let me have a minute of your time.

stop the flood from rushing through its usual motions.
let the rudder lie still.
let the water eat  though it.
let its color darken as the day grows older.
let the light break off the water like a bottle on the sidewalk.
let it break against the edges of all -- everything.
let me have a minute of your time.

watch the current switch direction.
watch the lines there in the center twist and turn.
look back toward the shore where it was a while ago.
you know, i can't see it either. can you?
give me that much at least.
it is far beyond our reach.
the day has disappeared from view.
and let me have a minute of your time.
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