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Thank You Maro But Our Princess Is In Another Castle

I waited here all by myself
the room was dark and it smelled like sulfur
I heard the screams from way down in the darkness
felt pretty sure my life was over

I kept my hat on just for luck
sang simple tunes the whole night through
I wondered if I'd wake to find myself in flames
as I waited here for you

yeah when you came in
I could breathe again

I saw some guys dressed up like sorcerers
blue robes that flowed above the ground
they came and went and I was frightened for my life
I tried not to make a sound

just when my solitude was closing in
I heard a howl like screeching tires
and I told you the one thing I know how to say
to the bright ringing drone of eight-bit choirs

yeah when you came in
I could breathe again
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