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 yeah when you came in yeah when you came in
 I could breathe again I could breathe again
 +Mike/​birdguy:​ This is a chord progression I use on ukulele:
 +C   ​D ​  ​Em ​  ​Am ​    
 +C   ​G ​  ​C ​           ​
 +C        G             ​Em ​     Am
 +I waited here all by myself
 +C            G                        Em      Am
 +The room was dark and it smelled like sulfur
 +C           ​G ​           Em              C
 +I heard the screams from way down in the darkness
 +C             ​G ​                  ​C ​  (tab on C string: 2, 4)
 +I felt pretty sure my life was over
 +C         ​G ​                ​Em ​ Am
 +I kept my hat on just for luck
 +C           ​G ​                    ​Em ​     Am
 +Sang simple tunes the whole night through
 +C          G              Em             C
 +I wondered if I’d wake to find myself in flames
 +C    G               C
 +As I waited here for you
 +              C    G              ​
 +Yeah when you came in
 +Em                Am      C   ​G ​  ​C ​ (tab on C string: 2, 4)
 +I could breathe again
 +C   ​D ​  ​Em ​ Am
 +C   ​D ​  ​Em ​ Am
 +[continue as for first verse, use intro as outro]
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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