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 +===== The Extra Glenns - That =====
 +Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (
 +Intro - D G riff (x3) A
 +High E - 3-3-2-0
 +D                  G
 +i will praise your eyes
 +D                   ​G ​    riff
 +for burning my house down
 +D                  G               ​D ​                    A
 +i am humbled by how they made the framework fall to the ground
 +D                        G       riff
 +i stood with you and watched you
 +D                       G
 +as you made it burn and fall
 +D                       ​G ​           D                   A
 +in minutes it was almost like it had never been there at all
 +when the traffic on the street thins out for just a second
 +i will look into your eyes
 +i, i will not panic
 +i am standing on the corner
 +where you and i were standing
 +i am trying to look at the sky
 +there are too many colors surrounding me
 +i will praise your eyes
 +they have reduced this city to embers
 +i will see you coming
 +i will see your eyes through the cold air from a mile away</​code>​
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