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The Car Song

Pretty simple song, tabbed from an old KSPC radio session by Alex Glasnovic


Intro: Riff x2

G                      C
the highway's open and the sun is full
G                        C
and the vinyl upholstery heats up like worsted wool
the hills roll past us, then they rear up again
take a deep breath now, and count to ten
Em                                   C
i reach across the stick shift and i pull you near
G                           D
the highway's open and it's hot in here, 
            G      Riff x2
it's hot in here.

your skin sends all the sunlight back to hell
and you shine in the coming darkness and i guess it's just as well
that there's no one left, there's no one left at all
             G                                    C
and then the hills behind your eyes start burning like a solid wall of licking
Em      C
flames. they burn red and clear
the highway's open and it's hot in here
it's hot in here

Riff x2
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