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-**The Day the Aliens Came (Hawaiin Feeling)** 
-(for A just hammer on n off the B string) 
-A D E 
-I will wake up at 6am again 
-And I will find my way to the front door 
-Like a soldier crawling through the smoking carnage 
-D A 
-Smoldering bodies at my feet 
-D E 
-I’d love to stick around but I’ve got someone to meet 
-A D E 
-And I will put my best foot forward 
-And I’ll thank god I made it out of there 
-On the day when my new friends come 
-I will present myself in my nice white tuxedo jacket 
-And I will look at the day through my dark sunglasses 
-And take in the scene 
-The house behind me and the people in it 
-Will all go up like steam in just a minute 
-There’s gonna be a redefining of the borders 
-And I will receive my orders 
-On the day when my new friends come 
-F#m A 
-The rooftops and the sidewalks 
-F#m A 
-Will all melt like plastic 
-F#m A 
-And oh friends, oh friends! Dear friends, ​ 
-D E 
-I’m gonna look fantastic 
-There won’t be any reason left to cry 
-Because there won’t be any people left to cry for 
-My memory’s gonna vaporize itself 
-And my Italian shoes, ​ 
-Well, they will be to die for 
-I believe I can fly 
-when you look up at me and wave good-bye ​ 
-on the day when my new friends come 
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