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The Garden Song

-tabbed by mike/howardfinkel483
with edits

Capo on 3. Everything is relative to the capo.

D :---232
C :---01-


Intro: Riff (x2)

I see the flowers in your garden are in bloom. 
I see the flags are flying high. 
I hear you've gone and rearranged things in your room. 
I guess you're trying to cut-off my air supply. 

I came toward your window, real slowly. 
I knew deep down I was about to strike oil. 
I guess by now the flowers in your garden know me. 
I felt them trying to get at me through the soil. 

my bare feet felt the cool, soft dirt, 
moving up my ankles, but I don't fear you. 
the thorns began tearing at my shirt, 
but I didn't even care when they tore clear through. 

E*                     D
your garden can't hurt me.
C                        D      E*
your flowers don't threaten my life. 
your garden can't hurt me anymore. 
your flowers don't threaten my life. 
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