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 +=====The Irony Engine=====
 +this is a Franklin Bruno song.
 +intro/​verse: ​ D D  Dsus4 D Dsus2  G  Asus4 A
 +chorus: ​      ​Bm ​ A G  D  C
 +you kept a death grip on the armrest.
 +you slept while i swerved through bumps and dips.
 +you lept at the chance to act alarmist.
 +you swept past my face like an eclipse.
 +you act like i'm your chum and i can treat you like my little sister.
 +but if you cover the sun with your thumb you can't expect to get a fever blister.
 +and if the air is filled with a sickening hum,
 +don't be upset or overcome.
 +don't worry. ​
 +it's just the irony engine working.
 +you rose like a crane to the occasion.
 +you froze at the very implication.
 +you chose to divert the whole invasion.
 +by winking and shrugging and smiling and giving me an awkward seatbelt hug
 +before you vanished in the chilly autumn.
 +i could feel the motor chug.
 +something tearing loose and striking bottom.
 +and if you still can't see how a three point plug
 +could superheat on the lunar tug.
 +don't worry.
 +it's just the irony engine working.
 +yeah don't worry.
 +it's just the irony engine working.
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