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 +The Last Day of Jimi Hendrix'​s Life
 +Surprised no one had tabbed this yet...My version is extremely rough and improvements are welcome, but basically it goes like this:
 +Intro/Verse progression
 +    C   ​G7sus4
 +Chorus ("it was hot..."​
 +   ​Bb ​   G7sus4
 +on the last day of his life\\ ​
 +jimi hendrix woke up\\
 +and made his way down the hall\\
 +he adjusted the knobs in the shower\\
 +till the water came out \\
 +just the way he liked it\\
 +it was hot but not too hot\\
 +it was hot \\
 +but not too hot\\
 +on the last afternoon of his life\\
 +jimi hendrix went to the kitchen\\
 +and he got himself a glass of water\\
 +he put four ice cubes into the glass\\
 +there is nothing like cold water\\
 +there is nothing \\
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