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  A          E          A

Oh, I'm just a pig in the sun A D A Friend to everyone

       A          E

When the sun shines high

     F#m     D

In the eastern sky

      A      E      A

I sing [pig snorting noises]

   A         E        A

Pig life is the life for me A D A Diligent but free

    A         E

Do my work then rest

     F#m        D

Sing a song when pressed

         A     E    A

That goes [pig snorting noises]

     A        E           A

May we all live long on the Earth

       A               D            A

Come to learn what true friendship is worth A E Friends since birth

       F#m           D

From the depths of our girth

       A       E      A

We sing [pig snorting noises]

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