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The Extra Glenns - The Process Of Elimination

Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (

D          C
in sicily, it's awfully hot
D                        C
and where we were it was most decidedly not
D           A
so i looked around
    D              G
i saw heaven coming down
around you

[now I don't know what franklin does with his guitar here, but on acoustic,
 it sounds good to go Dsus2 and go up the frame twice (ie: start at dsus2,
 and then put the chord on the 7th fret, then 10th)]

D              C
in washington, it's cold as ice
D                       C
and we were warm in the arms of christ himself
D                         A
i took a long look at you face
D             Asus4-A-G
i saw the angel        take his place
beside you

there's monsoons
in kashmir
D                       C          
i was worried that you'd dissapear
D                                    A 
i touched your arm just to be on the safe side
D                            Asus4-A-G
and the world broke apart and fell off by the wayside
next to you

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