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Tianchi Lake

--tabbed by Mike/howardfinkel483

Capo 1

A  Dmaj7  A     Dmaj7  A     A Dmaj7 A  E A

A              Dmaj7  A     D                  A
Children by the water banks laughing long and loud
A                   Dmaj7    A      D                E
Changbai’s high fine western peaks just beneath the clouds
A               F#m   D                  E
Currents in the water churning in their course
A         C#m       D         E       A
Body of a sea-lion, head just like a horse

Preacher in the soft brown sand begins to speak his piece
High winds in the treetops low flying winter geese
No one taking pictures everybody still
And then the water sought its course again the way that waters will

No one at the lakeside now, moon up in the sky
Night birds in the dragon spruce, moaning long and high
Backstroking on the surface, moonlight on its face
Floats the Tianchi Monster, staring into space

Out around the temple now narcissus in bloom
Censers packed with sandalwood send smoke into the room
Children in the sand outside on their hands and knees
Sketching pictures all day long of stranger things than these
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