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 +-tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel
 +G                   ​D ​                      F#
 +out by the tracks where the sunflowers grow high and fine,
 +G                      D                            F#
 +three sets of tracks: steve and rochelle'​s and the last one's mine.
 +G               ​D ​                        F#
 +guy with a hat down in the weeds in a cardboard box
 +G                 ​D ​                  F#
 +secrets to keep. records to seal up. kittens weighed down with rocks.
 +E                  F#        E                F#
 +there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer.
 +back at the school everyone looks like the ememy.
 +and we couldn'​t sleep and i had the voices inside of me.
 +steve and rochelle and me down the well all semester long.
 +back to the tracks to try and make peace, but the box was gone, was gone.
 +there was a little toolshed where the sad man made us suffer.
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