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Transcendental Youth

D G Em C D
D G Em7 C D

D			G	Em 	  C    D
Cold through broken baseboards, I despise this town
D               Am   C               C G D
Snow on the sunroof, two stories down

D    G      D                 Em
Hold hands, wish the snow away.
D               Am    C                    C G D
Rise in the darkness of the gathering day

Bm    F#          D            G
Sing, sing for ourselves alone
Bm      F#     D         G
Speak into the microphone.

D                    G     Em       C      D
Cedar smudge our headbands and take to the skies
D              Am    C                         C G D
Soar ever upwards on air gone black with flies
D                       G       D             Em
Shroud ourselves in the cosmos, let the music play
D                       Am  C                      C G D
Bright star of the morning, shine on his rising way

Bm          F#    D                   G
Sing in the night in the nameless dark
Bm          F#   D                   G
Father long gone but we bear his mark

Bm                               (Play this before he starts singing, then strum once every downbeat)
F#m        C        G     D
Learn some secrets, never tell
Bm                               (Listen to the horn section to figure out how to play this part)
F#m  Em    C     G   D
Stay sick, don't get well


D                       G       Em       C       D
Clutch those broken headboards, ride the highest wave
D              Am                 C                 C G D
Dusky diamonds shining in the far depths of the cave

D        G                D                Em
Try to explain ourselves, babble on and on
D      Am          C                       C G D
By the time you receive this, we'll be gone

Bm    F#         D                     G
Sing, sing high, while the fire climbs
Bm    F#     D             G
Sing one for the old times

D G Em7 C D x4

-Tabbed by Benjamin Havey

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