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 +Treetop Song\\  
 +All along the interstate\\  
 +the palm trees were calling out to me\\  
 +the line of them stretched down the highway forever\\  
 +as far as I could see\\  
 +I waited til the sun was coming up\\  
 +light morning traffic and a cool spring breeze\\  
 +I heard the old voices calling down to me\\   
 +from the tops of the trees\\  
 +(repeat intro)\\  
 +when I got up to the top, my head got light\\  
 +for a minute everything in the world was alright\\  
 +I saw the next tree just 10 feet away\\  
 +give or take a few feet I guess\\  
 +then I pushed off into the air with all my might\\  
 +headed out into the center of the morning light\\  
 +I knew that I was gonna make it\\  
 +the new tree hardly shook to acknowledge my arrival\\  
 +B-----------------------A---E \\  
 +I knew that I would be alright\\ ​
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