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 Eb-Bb-Eb-Ebm-Bb-Fb-Bb Eb-Bb-Eb-Ebm-Bb-Fb-Bb
 +If you're not up to par with your barre chords, here's a capo version.
 +Capo 1
 +A F#
 +you knew that they were out there by the signs they'd left behind
 +on old abandoned buildings just some xs and some lines
 +A       F#
 +half circles in the concrete crescents in the snow
 +D  ​  Dm
 +you could find the little beacons almost everywhere you'd go
 + C#​m F#​ Bm D
 +only people who were sick enough knew how to read them right
 +A E  ​ D
 +i got sick when I was seventeen and I'd hunt down signs all night
 +A     G
 +you'd listen for the voices in the generator'​s hum
 +D Dm
 +hang out behind the power plant and wait for them to come
 +A     F#
 +hints about their mission in the rustling of the surf
 + D Dm
 +but no secrets can be kept from you if your faith is strong enough
 + C#m F# Bm D Dm
 +only people who've been sick too long can hold on to the hope
 +A E  ​  ​D  ​   A
 +that some friendly ghost is listening to the prayers they learned to say at the slack end of the rope
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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