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 +From http://​​mgti.html
 +Em7:   ​022030
 +Cadd9: 032030
 +G:     ​300030
 +C:     ​032010
 +D:     ​000232
 +Em:    022000
 +Em7 Cadd9
 +Em7 Cadd9
 +Em7 Cadd9
 +Em7 Cadd9 G
 +Em7     Cadd9
 +        your momma'​s failed wheat field 
 +        it's a good place to lie down together
 +three weeks deep into the guts of summer ​
 +Em7     ​Cadd9 ​                           G
 +we sweat like hogs and i felt light as a feather
 +i saw a disk-like object
 +reflected in your eye
 +and the noise grew louder ​
 +as we looked up to the sky
 +C                     ​D ​                       G
 +and the sleek silver body headlights along the side
 +and the sleek silver body headlights all underneath
 +C                    D       ​G ​                 Em
 +i remember the warm air         ​blowing in our faces
 +C               ​D ​                  ​Em7 ​   Cadd9
 +i remember the heat running through me
 +there was no one worth telling
 +there was nothing we could do
 +and i was real quiet as i took the keys from the kitchen table
 +i was looking right at you
 +and your hand brushed against mine 
 +yeah and it shook me inside
 +all along the night sky 
 +i watched our futures collide
 +and the car's new headlights cut through the darkness
 +as the oil dripped silently to the pavement underneath
 +i can remember the warm air burning our faces
 +i remember the heat running through me
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