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The Mountain Goats - "Tyler Lambert's Grave"

tabbed by J.J.
This was released (as far as I know) only on JD's Twitter feed as a teaser. He said he liked the song, it just didn't "fit" the new album.

I think the little riff at the line "Tyler Lambert's Grave" sounds a bit more natural if played
then hammer-on the last beat
(hope that makes sense)


          Dm              A#            C
Steal the last across the country under moonlight soft and wet

    C              F                 A7                 Bb
And at the dead of night I hear from things you can't forget

      Bb               F       A7               Bb
spend daylight in dark tunnels where the demons reign

Bb             F           E(hammer)/F
One day closer everyday to Tyler Lambert's grave

Dm                A#       C
Shoplift when you have to, keep your visor low

C              F          A7             Bb
If your hunger shames you never let them know

Bb                F        A7             Bb
Feel your sadness lifting, ride it like a wave

     Bb              F           E(hammer)/F
That sets you gently down beside Tyler Lambert's grave

D#          Dm       A#            F
Fall into a pattern, never get unstuck

D#         Dm                  C                 A#
Anyone who can't relate should thank God for his luck

Dm             A#          C
Young man in a yellow tie, hair gel in his hair

   C               F            A7                 Bb
No context for the picture, just kind of standing there

       Bb               F              A7          Bb
Tyler, step outside the shadow of your great catastrophe

Bb                 F        E(hammer)/F
Dream all night of freedom, never wake up free
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