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Une Reve Plus Long Que la Nuit (November Love Song)

E:     022100
Asus2: 002200
F#m:   244222

Intro E (taps) E (taps)

E              E
on a Wednesday, on the 110
E               E
I felt the fever rise again.
Asus2                      Asus2
the weatherman east of here predicted rain.
E                   E
I hammered the words into my brain.
                 F#m           Asus2       E
that you were all I ever needed to get by.


E                  E
on the long island expressway,
E                  E
about 4 AM on a Tuesday,
humidity like I'd never known before,
and you sleeping like a baby, I could hear the engine roar.
somewhere high up above us in the new york sky,
where time means less than nothing, and no one ever dies,
           E               F#m                 E
someone knew that you were all there was worth needing.

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