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Une Reve Plus Long Que la Nuit (November Love Song) <code> Chords: E: 022100 Asus2: 002200 F#m: 244222 Intro E (taps) E (taps) E E on a wednesday, on the 110 E E I felt the fever rise again. Asus2 Asus2 the weatherman east of here predicted rain. E E I hammered the words into my brain. F#m Asus2 E that you were all I ever needed to get by. intro on the long island expressway, about 4 AM on a tuesday, humidity like I'd never known before, and you sleeping like a baby, I could hear the engine roar. somewhere high up abvoe us in the new york sky, where time means less than nothing, and no one ever dies, someone knew that you were all there was worth needing. </code>

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