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Until Olympius Returns

tabbed by Mae

Am: x02210
F:  133211
G:  355433
Em: 022000
D:  xx0232
C:  x32010

All hail the mysterious gap!

intro: Am (then muted strumming)

Go through the motions, every day out in the square
Listen for the hidden rhythms on the air
Nod in agreement when the tyrant holds forth
  Look for a beacon from the North

Am                F               G             Am
Protect yourself, vouch for every member of the team
F              G                       Am
This is just a momentary ripple in the stream

Join in the rebuilding, sing loudly at your labour
Make friends with the new guys, be nice to your neighbour
Profess keen interest in the welfare of the state
Taste everything they feed you, say it tastes real great

Am                       F      G                Am
Spit it down your sleeve, every time you get the chance
F              G                          Am
This is just a brief improvisation in the dance

C                    D                 Am
Raise up the columns, take the statues down
C                  F                       D
Praise the columns, spread the word around town

Behold the temple where the old one stood
Is it not a thing of beauty, don't it make you feel good?
Is it not a big improvement on the way things used to be?
Is it not a stately beacon for the whole world to see?

Am                    F       G              Am
We will be right here, on the day it finally burns
     F                G                 Am
Everybody hold a spot, until Olympius returns

(muted strumming)

Am F G Am
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