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West Country Dream

(note: this will sound off if you try to play along with the song. The tuning on the album 
version is somewhere between standard tuning and one half-step up. Just a warning.)

Em C Am
Em C D

Here is the D riff. Don't play it during the verses.

Sure as a surgeon
You slipped your hand into the door jamb
Blood coursing through the air tonight
I know who I am
And I know who you are
Or who you were just an hour ago
Static interference on the radio tonight
I know what I know

C D Em C Am Em C D

Quick as lightning
You brought your hand back inside
And you shut the door behind you
It's too hot out there tonight
Breath rising and falling
Expansion contraction
Why'd you tell me this?
Were you looking for my reaction?

End by playing the progression with gusto! The song should 
end like a trainwreck or you're not doing it right.
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