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tab by willneu97

Pretty sure I got like 90% of it

One, two
One, two, three

F      Am C     G
We move by night
F               Am               C     G
Cover our tracks well and we pack light
Dm             Am               C                F
Follow the shoreline 'til we've run clean out of land
G          Am          C                F
Speak in gestures only we can understand

We've made mistakes
F                       Am   C              D
Everyone spots their own mess when the dawn breaks

F   Am C           G
We get so exhausted
F     Am  C           G
Lost kids, just wasted
Dm            Am               C               F
Sleep in short shifts and then rise up to our feet
G         Am                C                  F
Life is short, and life is hard, and life is sweet

The treeline shakes
F                        Am      C              D
We roll hard along some long odds when the dawn breaks

A                                  D Dsus2 D (x20
See soft peaks off in the distance
      A             E7
Those people in the mountains
          C               D
They will never know what hit them

F    Am C          G
We shed dead weight
F              Am     C           G
It gets pretty hard to concentrate
Dm             Am                C               F
Practice our prayers until some small hope crystallizes
G              Am              C            F
Follow the shoreline till some better hope arises

Behold, the beast awakes
F                              Am C              D
Stand trapped in his great shadow when the dawn breaks
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