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White Box

This is a cover song, originally written and performed by Jandek off his album “White Box Requiem.” John recorded this for “Down in the Mirror” which was the second Jandek tribute album. While we don't have a lead sheet (chords) or a tab yet, here are the lyrics. Please feel free to edit and add tab if you find or create one. Thanks!

White Box

Well, I did it now
Oh, I did it now 
The box said do not open under pain of death 
It had my initials there where 
I signed my initials there on it 
On that white box 
I saw initials there 
Do not open under pain of death 
But I opened it anyway 
I died anyway 
I died anyway 
So I come back to stay (and say) 
Come back to stay 
Lord knows I love you anyway 
I love you anyway
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