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 +===== White Box ======
 +This is a cover song, originally written and performed by Jandek off his album "White Box Requiem." ​ John recorded this for "Down in the Mirror"​ which was the second Jandek tribute album. ​ While we don't have a lead sheet (chords) or a tab yet, here are the lyrics. ​ Please feel free to edit and add tab if you find or create one.  Thanks!
 +White Box
 +Well, I did it now
 +Oh, I did it now 
 +The box said do not open under pain of death 
 +It had my initials there where 
 +I signed my initials there on it 
 +On that white box 
 +I saw initials there 
 +Do not open under pain of death 
 +But I opened it anyway ​
 +I died anyway ​
 +I died anyway ​
 +So I come back to stay (and say) 
 +Come back to stay 
 +Lord knows I love you anyway ​
 +I love you anyway
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