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You Were Cool

D A Em G (intro)

D                        A                       Em                              G
This is a song with the same four chords I use most of the time when I've got something on my mind and 
D                          A                        Em                       G
I don't wanna squander the moment trying to come up with a better way to say what it is I wanna say

D                     A  Em                              G
People were mean to you, but I always thought you were cool
D                            A                Em                       G
Clicking down the concrete hallways in your spiked heels back in high school

D A Em G x2

D                  A                                      Em                           G
It's good to be young but let's not kid ourselves it's better to pass on through those years and come out the other side
D                         A               Em               G
With our hearts still beating, having stared down demons and come back breathing


G             A                               D                                 G
You deserved better than you got someone's gotta say it sometime 'cause its true
Em                                 A                  D                    A
People should've told you you were awesome instead of taking advantage of you

D            A               Em               G
I hope you love your life now like I love mine
D                                A                       Em                    G
I hope the painful memories only flex their power over you a little of the time

D                  A                    Em                            G
We held on to hope of better days coming and when we did we were right
D                         A             Em                        G
I hope the people who did you wrong have trouble sleeping at night


D A Em G on out

Tabbed by Jason Bates

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