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Marduk T-Shirt Men's Room Incident

Capo 1

High e string gets muted for the D most of the time too

Em Em  Em-F#m-G  Bm
Em Em  Em-F#m-G  B

B                      A
Slumped up against the sink
G                     D
Hair plastered to her cheeks
B               A
Marduk t-shirt sticking to her skin
G                       D         A
Refugee from a disco in old east Berlin

G          D        G         D    A
weightless formless blameless nameless

Stray syllables were gurgling
From her throat one at a time
Face hidden from my view
I let myself imagine she was you

Only weightless, formless, blameless, nameless

Em                   G
And when I washed my hands
D               G                     A
I ran the water hotter than I could stand

Half rising to a crouch
Sinking back down to the floor
when you’re walking keep your head low
Try to leave no traces when you go

Stay weightless, formless, blameless, nameless
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