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 +San Bernardino
 +-tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel483
 +Ok so this is a rough tab because there'​s no guitar.
 +hang around the 8th fret F, with a C shape
 +At times it transitions into what would be like changing from a C to an F/C open. It goes back and forth. You don't have to play the B string really if you can't handle the pinky action for hammering on the Bb.
 +   ​F ​ F/Bb
 +Bb riff that aligns better with recording instead of just playing a Bb
 +F      F/Bb            F
 +We got in your car and we hit the highway
 +F        F/Bb           F
 +Eastern sun was rising over the mountains
 +           Bb
 +Yellow and blood red bits
 +       ​F ​            F/Bb F
 +like a kaleidoscope
 +And flaming swords may guard the garden of Eden
 +But we consulted maps from earlier days
 +Dead languages on our tongues
 +Holding on to our last hope
 +        G/C (just play a C on 3rd fret barred with the bar covering the 3rd fret 6th string G as well)
 +And the day was bright and fine
 +        Bb          C                F              Bb   ​C ​   ​
 +And the highway sign said, “San Bernadino welcomes you”’
 +I checked us into our motel and filled the bathtub
 +And you got in the warm warm water
 +I pulled petals from my pocket
 +I loved you so much just then
 +And it was hard but you were brave, you are splendid
 +And we will never be alone in this world
 +no matter what they say
 +We’re gonna be okay
 +We were safe inside
 +and our new son cried, “San Bernadino welcomes you”
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