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In the Craters on the Moon

-tabbed by mike/howardfinkel483

Dsus    alternate between this and a regular D (barely hear high E string, maybe even use index finger to mute it)

Am (Can go from Am7 to Am here hammering on the A on 3rd string, 2nd fret)

Am                         Dsus  D Dsus
If the strain proves too much
              Am7 Am Am7 Am
Give up right away
                       Dsus  D Dsus
If the light hurts your eyes
             Am7 Am Am7 Am
Stay in your room all day

When the room fills with smoke
Lie down on the floor
In the declining years
      Dsus/C D    Am       Dsus/C--> ring finger on 5th string, 3rd fret C
Of the long war

Well the blood’s in the water
And the shark’s gonna come
And we swim in the dark
Until our bodies are numb

Blind desert rats in the moonlight
Too far from shore
In the declining years
Of the long war


Em   G   Am7Am Am7Am Am7Am etc

Empty room with a lightbulb
Where the phone starts to ring
Everybody gets nervous
Nobody says anything

The next day someone’s initials
Show up on the door
I think I’m gonna crack
Can’t live like this anymore

Ugly things in the darkness
Worse things in store
In the declining years
Of the long war

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