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 +Lovecraft In Brooklyn
 +--tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel483
 +B   A B B   A B B
 +A B B   A G G   A B B   ​A ​
 +B B                                   A B B
 +It's gonna be too hot to breath today
 +                                         A G G
 +But everybody is out here on the streets
 +                                       A B B
 +Somebody'​s opened up the fire hydrant
 +                                  A B B
 +Cold water rushing out in sheets
 +Some kid in a Marcus Allen jersey
 +Asks me for a cigarette
 +Companionship is where you find it
 +So I take what I can get
 +D                                  A
 +Hubcaps on the car like fun house mirrors
 +Stick to the shadows that I can
 +                   ​B ​   A  B B    A B B
 +Lovecraft in Brooklyn
 +Well the sun goes down on the armies of the voiceless
 +Several hundred-thousand strong
 +Come without their bandages
 +Their voices raised in song
 +When the street lights sputter out
 +They make this awful sizzling sound
 +I cast my gaze towards the pavement
 +Too many blood stains on the ground
 +Rhode Island drops into the ocean
 +No place to call home anymore
 +Lovecraft in Brooklyn
 +F#                G           ​D ​              A
 +Head outside most everyday to try to keep the wolves away
 +G                   D
 +Imagine nice things I might say
 +G                    F#    B   A B B
 +If company should come
 +Woke up afraid of my own shadow
 +Like, genuinely afraid
 +Headed for the pawnshop
 +To buy myself a switchblade
 +Someday something'​s coming
 +From way out beyond the stars
 +To kill us while we stand here
 +It'll store our brains in mason jar
 +And then the girl behind the counter ​
 +She asks me how I feel today
 +I feel like Lovecraft in Brooklyn
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