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So what you do is, is you take the Tim Tam in your hand and you bite a little hole in the bottom, and you bite a little hole in the top. There are those you might try and tell you that one end of a Tim Tam is the same as the other, and that there is no real top or bottom to the biscuit.

These people are wrong, and if you can't tell one end of a Tim Tam aart from the other, then you have no bussiness partaking in the delights they offer.

So, you've bitten the two small holes, right? The next thing you need to do is take the mug of hot chocolate or coffee that you prepared earlier, and you pull it in real close to your chest, nice and close, real close so the steam tickles your chin.

Don't use tea. No, seriosly, don't.

Position your mouth over the hole in the top of the Tim Tam, take a deep beath, and prepare yourself for indescribable ecsatcy.

Lower the bottom half of the Tim Tam into the coffee or hot chocolate (it had better not be tea. You use tea and I will track you down!) and suck as hard as you can. Suck like your very future on this planet depends on it!

Continue sucking, do not stop, until you feel the Tim Tam begin to disintergrate. Then quickly scoop the heavinly mush into your mouth, and swallow.

You have just experianced a Tim Tam Slam.

Your life will never be the same again.

Don't use tea.

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