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 First tMG song: Alpha Sun Hat  First tMG song: Alpha Sun Hat 
-Favorite tMG song: Golden Jackal Song.+Favorite tMG song: Pure Sound
-Most recent tMG concert: PFM - July 29, 06+Most recent tMG concert: ZOOP! 07
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   * [[tabs:Short Song About the 10 Freeway]]   * [[tabs:Short Song About the 10 Freeway]]
   * [[tabs:The Doll Song]]   * [[tabs:The Doll Song]]
-  * [[tabs:Badger Song]] +  * The Extra Glenns - [[tabs:Badger Song]] 
-  * [[tabs:Sure]] +  * The Extra Glenns - [[tabs:Sure]] 
-  * [[tabs:That]]+  * The Extra Glenns - [[tabs:That]]
   * [[tabs:Etiquette Song]]   * [[tabs:Etiquette Song]]
   * [[tabs:Song For Roger Maris]]   * [[tabs:Song For Roger Maris]]
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   * [[tabs:Solomon Revisited]]   * [[tabs:Solomon Revisited]]
   * [[tabs:Azo Tle Nelli In Tlalticpac?]]   * [[tabs:Azo Tle Nelli In Tlalticpac?]]
 +  * [[tabs:Evening In Stalingrad]]
 +  * [[tabs:Alpha Negative]]
 +  * [[tabs:Going to Mexico]]
 +  * The Extra Glenns - [[tabs:Baltimore]]
 +  * The Extra Glenns - [[tabs:The Process Of Elimination]]
 +  * [[tabs:Pure Heat]]
 and maybe more, I cannot remember. and maybe more, I cannot remember.
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 Somebody Elses Parking Lot In Santa Cruz\\  Somebody Elses Parking Lot In Santa Cruz\\ 
 Pure Gold\\  Pure Gold\\ 
-Going To Mexico\\ 
 Going To Bristol\\ Going To Bristol\\
 Hello, Old Rabbit\\ Hello, Old Rabbit\\
-Radical Evil Song+Are You Cleaning Off The Stone?\\ 
 +I Corinthians 13: 8-10\\ 
 +Alpha In Tauris\\ 
 +Radical Evil Song\\ 
 +Elizabeth Barrett Browning\\ 
 +Ice Cream, Cobra Man\\ 
 +New Star Song\\ 
 +Pure Crystal\\ 
 +Pure Sound\\ 
 +The Extra Glenns - Adultery\\ 
 +Korean Bird Paintings
 If anybody is interested in completing these tabs send me a line at If anybody is interested in completing these tabs send me a line at
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