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Abandoned Flesh

Capo 1

All chords relative to capo
D: xx0232
D*: x30232
G: 320003
G*: 300003
Bm: x24432
Em: 022000
Em7: 022030
F#: 244322

D    D*    G    G*    D    D*    G    G*    

D		D*	      G
 Robert Smith is secure at his villa in France

        D		          D*       G
Any child knows how to do the spiderweb dance

G			Bm
Siouxsie has enough hits to keep the bills paid

      Em				Em7		A	
Every New Year’s in Los Angeles, you can still see Richard Blade

	G      F#m       Em        	           D
But the world forgot about Gene Loves Jezebel
	G      A				D
Yes the world forgot about Gene Loves Jezebel

D    D*    G    G*    D    D*    G    G*    x2

D		     D*	      G
They charted once or twice, they were on a major label

	   D	       D*	          G
When the singer went solo, he left money on the table

	G			         Bm
The two main guys are related, they’re at war with other

             Em			       Em7	A	
Now there’s two Genes loving Jezebel – one for each brother

G		F#m
But the world
Came to agree
G			F#m
What you see is what you get
And what you get is what you see
	            G		         A
Whether you’re the March Violets or the Bolshoi
Bands who had to leave the darkness for the sun
G				F#m
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry were on Cherry Red, I think
	       G		    A
They’ve been playing clubs since 1981

       D		    D*	     	        G
To be fair to Gene Loves Jezebel, Billy Corgan brought them onstage

D	      D*	     	 G
It was in 2011, it’s on their Wikipedia page

            G			  	Bm
But for the most part, however big that chorused bass may throb,

          Em	Em7		         A	
You and me, and all of us, are going to have to find a job

             G			   F#		Bm
Because the world will never know or understand

The suffocated splendor

Of the once and future goth bands

D    D*    G    G*    D    D*    G    G*    
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