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"Abide With Me"
the Mountain Goats
Isopanisad Radio Hour

Capo II, all chords relative to the capo:

A   - x02220
E   - 022100
F#m - 244222
Bm  - x24432
D   - xx0232

A  E         F#m  A
  Abide with me
       Bm       E     A
  Fast falls the even tide
 D             A
  The darkness deepens,
  Bm             E
  Lord with me abide
  A   E      F#m     
  When other helpers
  Bm  F#m             Bm
  Fail, and comforts flee
  E           A         D
  Help of the helpless,
        E         A
  Lord abide with me

  Swift to its close
  Ebbs out life's little day
  Earth's joys grow dim
  Its glories pass away
  Change and decay
  In all around I see
  O thou who changest not,
  Abide with me
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