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All Up The Seething Coast

Tab by Whitney Eden\\

 Asus4 3x picked  (pattern goes 6 5 4 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 2)\\
 A Em 3x strummed\\

 A Em\\
 I eat a couple Milky Ways for breakfast\\
 A Em\\
 I take my coffee light and sweet\\
 Show up for dinner when you tell me to\\
 A Em\\
 I heap the sugar high and white on everything I ea

 A Em 4x

 A Em\\
 Carry an apple in my pocket\\
 A Em\\
 I write reminders on my skin\\
 Clip meaningless pictures from old magazines\\
 A Em\\
 I tape them to the walls; it's a bad place I'm in\\

 C D\\
 And nothing you can say or do will stop me\\
 C D\\
 And a thousand dead friends can't stop me\\

 A Em 4x\\

 I go back to places I remember\\
 See what's been going on without me\\
 Stare down the strangers at the bus stop\\
 Pretend they've been gossiping about me\\

 A Em 4x\\

 White sugar by the spoonful\\
 Canteloupes and grapes and watermelons\\
 I force it down like it was medicine\\
 Anybody asks you tell 'em what you want to tell 'em\\

 But the best you've got is powerless against me\\
 All your little schemes break when they come crashing up against me Ahh\\

 Outro: A Em\\
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