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E   E/F#  E/A

-0  -0   -0
-0  -0   -0
-1  -1   -1 
-2  -2   -2
-2  -x   -0
-0  -2   -- 

Intro: E-E/F#-E-E/F#-E

E                  E/F#
Rise up real early shaking
E/A                 E
Try and steady my hand
E                   E/F#
Make my way down to the water
E/A                     E
Sail a half a mile from land

E                           E/F#
See where the sharks have been feeding
E/A                 E
out on the ocean alone
E                      E/F#
and I scrutinize the carnage
E/A                      B
like it was the goddamn Rosetta Stone

When I crack
that secret code
E/A                     B
It’s sure to lighten my load

E                   E/A
Won’t you come out sailing with me
         E              B     E
Into the warmth of the afternoon


Scoop up the guts and brains
Drizzle them into a plastic bag
Let them drop onto the deck
See the day drag

And when I get back to the car
it’s like a furnace inside
I head on down the highway
throttle open wide

Back home in the high heat
I spill out all my presents for you
There’s blood all over the floor now
What are we going to do

Won’t you come out sailing with me
Into the warmth
warmth of the afternoon 

E-E/F#-E-E/F# for a while, then E/A-E
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