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Alpha Rats Nest

G D G D G D Em C G D D7

G       D           Em
All the lengthening hours in the refinery
C               D
Belching fire into the sky
          G    D   Em
We do our best vampire routines
      C              D7
As we suck the dying hours dry
Am                       G D G D
The night is lovely as a rose
If I see sunlight hit you
I am sure that we'll both decompose

G D G D G D Em C G D D7

G       D      Em
All the fitful sleep and the fire engines
C               D
That I dream of when I dream
     G         D         Em
Some day we'll both wake up for good
C               D7
I will try hard not to scream
Am                              G D G D
The evening wind will shake the blinds
You're stirring from your slumber
We've got something hateful on our minds
   G    D    Em
Oh sing sing sing
        C            D
For the dying of the day
G            D                Em
Sing for the flames that will rip through here
        C                     D7
And the smoke that will carry us away
    G            D            Em
And sing for the damage we've done
        C                       D
And the worse things that we'll do
G         D            Em
Open your mouth up and sing for me now
    C               D
And I will sing for you

G D G D G D Em C G D D7
G D G D G D Em C G D D7
G D G D G D Em C G D

Transcribed by Phaedrus (

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