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Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds

Tabbed by irlpinkiepie

Intro: E

There's indifference on the wind, but a faint gust of hope

At a club nobody goes to, with a musty velvet rope
Guys in motorhead jackets who knew him way back when
Haven't raised a drink in years, but now meet up again
     D                               A
To remember how it was when they all thought they'd move away
And ride in Lotus Sevens through the London streets one day

A   B                  E
     Nobody ever gets away
A   B                         A        B
     Even the best of us come back someday
C           D                        E
     To the unmarked rooms where the dry dust breeds
A           E           A              B
     Andrew Eldritch is moving back to Leeds

There's a rusted fog machine in a concrete storage space

Letter-number combinations with no meaning on its face
They won't make these anymore, it's a wooden coach-and-four
No one will even steal it if you leave it by the door
   D                          A
No sign to mark its going, no tombstone for its grave
There will be good-byes by dozens, so practice being brave

A   B                       E
     No one anticipates the rush
A   B                          A        B
     The breezy feeling of the faceless crush
C           D                         E
     At the ends of things, where the salvage bleeds
A           E           A             B
     Andrew Eldritch is moving back to Leeds
E+                         E   
     They don't throw him a parade
B            G#m           C#m
     He just comes in on a train
         Am6                          E
     One suitcase in his hand, and an old army backpack
              A                           B
     From the second world war, from a Leipzig secondhand store
E, E+, E

Pick the keys up from the agent, everything's been taken care of

No big changes in the roadways since you left that I'm aware of
A few old buildings gone to dust, and some new ones in the way
They'll look just like the old ones when the winds have had their say
        D                          A
See the children bound for London, you'll all be back too
Everybody tests the membrane but no one pushes through

A   B                        E
     C'mon boys, that'll be enough
A   B                                      A       B
     You'd think your old friends wouldn't play so tough
C           D                          E
     Like a basket by the Nile, hiding down among the reeds
A           E           A              B
     Andrew Eldritch is moving back to Leeds
Outro: alternate E/E+, end on E
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