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birth of serpents

Tabbed by ~ETX~ based off of the Letterman performance:


Dmaj9: xx022x or xx0220

D   Dmaj9  D  Dmaj9 G   
let the    camera   pull back
G                       Asus4                   D Dmaj9 D Dmaj9
til the fullness of the frame is clear and plain
D  Dmaj9 D    Dmaj9  G
peer into the screen until you see it all
Asus4                          D Dmaj9 D Dmaj9
like a vision in a crystal ball

E                    A
let it all fill with smoke
D                            G
is this somebody's idea of a joke?

let the fixer work until the silver's washed away
and take the picture from the tray
look hard at what you see
and then remember you and me, and let the truth spring free

E                  A
like a jack in the box
D                       G
like a hundred thousand cuckoo clocks

G               A
from the oregon corners
D           G
to the iowa corn
G                     A                               D   Dsus9 D Dsus9
to the rooms with the heat lamps where the snakes get born

crawl through the tunnel and follow, 
follow the light northwest
see that young man who dwells inside his body 
like an uninvited guest

F#             Bm
see the tunnel twist
E                              A
clutch your birthright in your fist

let the camera do its dirty work 
down there in the dark
sink low, rise high, and bring back some blurry pictures 
to remember all your darker moments by

permanent bruises on our knees
never forget what it felt like to live in rooms like these

from the california coastline
to the iowa corn
to the rooms with the heat lamps where the snakes get born
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