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Blood Royal

Capo at 2nd fret, all chords and tabs are relative to capo.

A    : x0222x
Aadd4: x0223x
F    : x0321x
E    : 02210x
D    : xx023x

"Main riff", played through twice during the verses:

    A   Aadd4 A Aadd4 A Aadd4 A     F               E

I remembered you
I remembered where you'd come from
I remembered you
I remembered where you've gone

           A              E
And in the shifting neon air
          A                        D
I saw the colors of the revolution everywhere
        A  E   (main riff once)
Blood royal

I remembered you
I remembered all the little things you said
I remembered the shape of your face
I let the thought go to my head

And in the iron blue dawn
I felt power coming on
Blood royal

(Play main riff twice more, ending on an A)
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