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Communicating Doors

~Tabbed by ETX~
Poor Extra Lens songs getting ignored... I'll do what I can:

Basic Intro
   D          A       G         D       G         D       G   A   D 

D                  A        G                      D
Campaign down from Atlanta, five-hour drive to the coast
G                   D                    G                    A
Brought whatever we thought we'd need to pierce the skin of a ghost

G                    D      F#                G
Left your car at the hotel, rode up seventeen floors
G                          D                   G       A     D
And checked ourselves into separate rooms with communicating doors

Lay on top of the covers turn the fan up to full
Chase a memory around my head; silver, satin, and wool

Close the bar at the harbor, say goodnight in the hall
Smash the lock with a midnight knock and the rest I don't recall

Stones rise out of the water, water eats at the stones
I know people who dig up graves just to label the bones

All that poison we swallowed seeping out through the pores
And floating over the transoms of communicating doors 
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