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Counting Song for Bitter Children

chords by vieurd 
tab by Dan - daniel dot trombley at gmail dot com

Special thanks to John, first of all, for being especially awesome and 
recording this for everyone, and to vieurd from the forums for getting 
the chords.  I’m just here to make it readable and slap it up on the wiki.  

      F    Csus4   Bbsus4
e: ---8------8------6------
B: --10------8------6------
G: --10-----10------8------
D: --10-----10------8------
A: ---8-----10------8------
E: ---X------8------6------ 

vieurd:   “The general chord progression is F-Csus4-Bbsus4-F-Csus4. 
John seems strum the sixth string on the F chord and the fifth and 
sixth strings on the Csus4 and Bbsus4 somewhat lightly in order to 
place emphasis on the guitar melody.”

|  F  |  Csus4  |  Bbsus4  |  F  Csus4  |

   one, two
   I don't love you. 
   three, four
F     Csus4

one, three 
Stay away from me 
five, seven
Good children get nothing

   Na-na-na Na-na-na Na-na
   Na-na-na Na-na-na Na-na
   Na-na-na  Na-na-na   Na-na
F              Csus4
Na Na-na Na-na Na 

one, two, two and a half
Stick around here? Don’t make me laugh

two-and-a-half, three, four-point-five 
The new day's dawning and my hour's arrived 

one, two
I got things to do

one, three*
I got people to see, I got people that wanna see me

Na na na…

Na na na…

*This is what he sings in the recording.  
According to John, “The final line actually goes 

three fours lined up in a row 
I got people to see, I got people that wanna see me

so that the last verse has a "one two three four" 
except that the third one is "three fours," O young John tryna be all clever”

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