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Tabbed by ~ETX~, corrected by Ricker

F                            Am 
No one of any note is in the crowd
        Bb                              F
guys in Bermuda shirts are chewing on cigar stubs
I get better as I get more worn-down

Houselights like an amplified inferno
P.A. system borrowed from the high school
Breathe through my mouthpiece
I hate this town

              Dm                                F
And there's a whole long list of other things I hate
         Bb                             Dm
I had to starve myself all week to make weight
           C   Bb
Cleveland Ohio 1985
F                 C
Almost out of the woods
Bb        F
Awake and alive

Bucket full of blood and dirty water
Voices screaming at me from my corner
Head for the clutches
When I need to buy time

Take a couple of shots right to the liver
Then remember what the food was like in prison
Stick to the game plan
Stall for time

And there's a whole long list of other things to do
And the best ones I won't probably get around to
Cleveland Ohio, 1985
Almost out of the woods
Awake and alive 
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